Monday, January 28, 2013


Bila tengok FB SIL.

Ada buat Lucky Draw dan ternampak Tupperware.

Memang Tupperware sesuai dalam mana-mana acara pun.
Boleh dijadikan hadiah.
Majlis perpisahan, Lucky Draw, Pertandingan, Gathering, Hari Jadi, Ulang tahun, Perkahwinan dan lain lain.

Sekiranya berminat.
Call/SMS saya.

Bagitahu budget anda.
Saya sedia membantu.

I say "YAY"

Sunday, January 27, 2013

|Tupperware and CNY|

Chinese New Year is an annual celebration marking the start of the new year according to the chinese lunisolar calendar. Chinese New Year always falls in the months of January or February, and each chinese new year is represented by 1 of the 12 creatures of the Chinese Zodiac – 2012 is the year of the Dragon. Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival, and in pre-modern times it would signal to farmers in China that they must begin preparation for the sowing of their fields.
“The Spring Festival was the product of an agrarian society. The people who were farmers would plant in spring, harvest in autumn, relax a little in summer and rest in winter. The seasons thus became a living cycle and the harvests were dependant on nature.”
- (Qi Dongye and Lu Xianwen)
After Christmas each year, the Christmas decorations come down in all the malls, and are quickly replaced with Chinese New Year decorations of lanterns, cherry blossoms, orange-trees and lots of red colour. In the lead-up to Chinese New Year distinct classical spring festival music is played in public places, most commonly the bowed stringed instrumental style.
The most important element of Chinese New Year is the reunion dinner which is held on the eve of the New Year. This is the time when all family members will come for a meal together in the parents or eldest brother’s home, or nowadays in restaurants as well. The reunion dinner spread is usually lavish, with multiple courses including dishes of chicken, pork and fish. In Malaysia, a dish called yee sang is the first to be served. 

Yee sang, also known as the Prosperity Toss, is a teochew-style raw fish salad, and everyone at the table will help to mix this salad with their chop sticks – with lots of noise, laughter and smiles. The tradition is that the higher you toss the salad, the more your fortunes will grow in the new year.

Gift giving is an important component of Chinese New Year in Malaysia, with the most common gift amongst family, colleagues and business contacts being boxes of oranges, or live orange trees. Ang-poh – little red packets with new currency notes inside – are given to children single adults and the elderly, and for children this is often the most exciting part of the celebration. A child with many uncles and aunties can potentially collect a lot of money from their ang-poh gifts.
The Chinese New Year festivities officially last for 15 days, culminating in Chap Goh Mei – meaning the 15th night. Chap Goh Mei is celebrated with a family meal, music, and decorations, similar to the reunion dinner.

Most states of Malaysia provide two official public holidays for the first two days of Chinese New Year, however Kelantan and Terengganu only provide a holiday for the first day.

Do you want to have different gifts for the Chinese New Year Festival?

How about Golden Treasure Gift Set?

It's only RM54.80 (Promo Price)
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

|Happy Birthday Tupperware's Consultant|

Happy Birthday to my Tupperware Consultant.

Kak Raudah



|Tupperware untuk Hadiah Perkahwinan|

Hamper untuk Puan Hanan.
Hadiah majlis Perkahwinan.

Interested untuk menempah hamper/gift?
Perkahwinan, Hari Jadi, Ulang tahun perkahwinan?

Call 017206286

Friday, January 25, 2013

|Jom beli Lacto Fiber|

 Saya menggunakan Lacto-Fiber sejak tahun lepas.
Selepas mencubanya semasa Jubilee 2012.
Video semasa Jubilee.
Dan ceritanya di sini.

Dulu saya tak berapa sukakannya sebab rasa sayuran.
Dan kini saya sukakannya lepas di tambah dengan Milk Thistle

Dulu saya gunakan gelas/cawan untuk membuat minuman lacto-fiber.

Kini, dah ada produk Tupperware yang boleh membantu menjimatkan masa kita.
Sebenarnya tak susah mana pun.


 Ini dia, Mini Quick Shake yang berharga RM23.40 sahaja.

Kalau nak mencubanya, Lacto Fiber ada dalam bentuk sachet dan serbuk.
Yang sachet ni sesuai di bawa ke mana-mana.

Yang serbuk ni kita boleh letak di rumah atau pejabat.

Yang sachet ni ada 12 dalam satu kotak dan berharga

Yang serbuk pulak dalam bekas (botol) besar yang ada 300gm dan berharga

Kini, ada promosi.
Hanya untuk Januari 2013.
Untuk pembelian Lacto-Fiber 300gm sebanyak 4 botol.
Anda dapat diskaun 10%.

Maknanya 4 botol x 300 gm
hanya RM464.40

Harga sebenar RM516.00

Bukan itu sahaja, anda juga akan dapat PERCUMA barangan Tupperware yang berharga RM56.80.


Ingat!! Promosi berakhir 31 Januari 2013 pukul 5.30 petang.

Hubungi 0172066286

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