Thursday, March 22, 2012

|Parti Tupperware Terbesar di Malaysia|

 Pernah melihat ini?

Pasti bukan?

Semua rekod 
sama ada 

dan sebagainya...

di catatkan di dalam buku ini.
 Dan kini...


Pernah melihat ini?
Atau mendengarnya?


Tupperware Malaysia kini ingin mengadakan Parti Tupperware TERBESAR
di Malaysia....

Pada AHAD, 25 MARCH 2012
bertempat di   
Tupperware (JR Wangsa Maju)
No.4, Jalan 4/27F
Jalan Genting Klang.

Pada hari itu, dari 2.00 sehingga 4.00 petang, sebanyak 80 Tupperware Business Centres serata Malaysia (termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak)  akan mengadakan Parti Tupperware serentak.

Event ini akan di catatkan di dalam
 Malaysia Book of Records (a Malaysian Version Of the Guinness Book Of World Records).

belum lagi World Records ;-p

Buat sedikit demi sedikit kan? Mana tahu tahun depan cuba World Records pulak.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

|New Membership|2012|




ialah RM70.00 berkuatkuasa 1 March 2012

Di mana anda ada pilihan

Untuk registration tersebut:

New Kit Bag 
 Photo: taken from forum Wanita Melayu

 BASIC Registration:
ONLY RM70.00 
dimana akan mendapat
(TPW Kit Bag 
+ Eco Bottle 500ml (1) 
+ Shallow Square Round 250ml (2)
+ 1 Sachet Lacto Fiber
+ 1 Sachet Berrygen 
+ CD, Booklets, discount voucher etc.
 dan perlu membeli sebarang produk Tupperware bernilai 


  (Freeze N Chill Set, Eco Living Set,Fast & Easy Cooking Set dan Daily Nutrition Set)
 yang bernilai 

 Freeze N' Chill Set (Kiri)
yang bernilai RM535.80 (harga sebenar)

Eco Living Set (Kanan)
yang bernilai RM520.80 (harga sebenar)
 Fast & Easy Cooking Set (Kiri)

Daily Nutrition Set (Kanan)
yang bernilai RM578.00 (harga sebenar)

BASIC Registration:
dan juga RM70.00
 (memberships fee)
di mana akan mendapat
(TPW Kit Bag 
+ Eco Bottle 500ml (1) 
+ Shallow Sq Round 250ml (2)
+ 1 Sachet Lacto Fiber
+ 1 Sachet Berrygen 
+ CD, Booklets, discount voucher etc.
SMS: 0172066286

· FREE New Sign Up Gift
· FREE post parcel
· 20%/25% discounts on purchase ...
and many more

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

|Secrets of Queen Elizabeth|

Old queen
Well, they aren’t exactly “secrets” anymore or I wouldn’t know them, would I? But I guarantee you that some of these things will make you say, “How the hell does he know that?”

1. Queen Elizabeth II usually has corn flakes or porridge for breakfast — and eats it out of a plastic Tupperware container. God’s honest truth. The richest woman in the world, who has gold plates and Ming Dynasty bowls stacked up in the cupboard, eats her morning cereal out of a plastic Tupperware container.

2. Queen Elizabeth usually eats lunch and dinner alone, unless she is at a formal function. Sometimes she summons one of her children to have lunch with her. Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, have drinks together in their private quarters before dinner, but then he goes his way and she has dinner alone in front of the TV.

3. Elizabeth’s evening drink is a glass (or two) of vermouth.
4. Elizabeth and Philip are kissing cousins. Philip is the Queen’s second cousin (once removed) on his father’s side and first cousin ( twice removed) on his mother’s side. No wonder most of the kids are idiots. Oh, you know that’s not true. It was just lying there in the middle of the road and I had to kick it.

5. Elizabeth met — and fell in love with — Philip, then Prince of Denmark and Greece, while he was a cadet at Britain’s Royal Naval College in 1939. She was 13 at the time, but there would never be another man for her.

6. Elizabeth’s parents didn’t want her to get involved with Philip, partly because he was stone broke and partly because his two sisters were married to German noblemen aligned with the Nazis. Elizabeth’s mother sometimes referred to Philip as “the Hun.”
young queen
7. As well as being Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada and 15 other independent states in the Commonwealth, Elizabeth is also Duke of Normandy and Paramount Chief of Fiji. Prince Philip, on the other hand, is considered a reincarnated deity on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. The small tribe that holds Philip in such high regard made a formal request for a photo of Philip wearing nothing but a traditional (in Vanuatu) grass penis sheath. Philip ignored the request.

8. Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s principal official residence but she doesn’t like it very much — especially since 1982 when that nasty Irishman Michael Fagan broke in and sat on her bed talking to her for 10 minutes before palace security finally showed up. Elizabeth considers Windsor Castle “home.” Buckingham Palace has 78 bathrooms. The Beatles claimed they smoked a joint together in one of those bathrooms before receiving their OBEs from the Queen in the 1960s.

9. Elizabeth is the only person in Britain who doesn’t have to have licence plates of any kind on her cars. She has eight official state cars — two Bentleys, three Rolls Royces and three Daimlers, all painted royal purple (the official description is “claret” — a winish red colour that’s pretty close to purple). You can always tell which vehicle the Queen is in because a removable silver figurine of St. George on a horse is always placed as the hood ornament on the Queen’s car.
10. As a child, Queen Elizabeth II was known by her parents and sister (Margaret) as “Lilibet.” Ah, isn’t that cute.

BONUS: Elizabeth’s first solo act as a royal dignitary was reviewing a parade of Canadian airwomen in England in 1945. Elizabeth went on to join the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service as No. 230873 Second Subaltern Elizabeth Windsor. She became a truck driver and mechanic. Elizabeth is the last surviving head of state to have served in uniform during World War II.

Info taken from:

Monday, March 12, 2012

::Tupperware - Product Fair::

 Lama tak update
dan baru perasan yang saya belum update pasal
satu event anjuran Tupperware.

 Disebabkan saya pergi pada hari Jumaat,
lepas solat Jumaat.
Pergi ke situ dengan "Beloved" Mr Suami.

Ke mana ye?
Saya menghadiri event Tupperware
di Sunway Convention Centre.

Layan je gambar dan penerangan ringkas saya ye.

 Time table bagi setiap penerangan produk.

 Antara award yang Tupperware dapat.
Dapat international recognition.

 Saya sampai je ada permainan.
Hadiah pun agak lumayan juga.

 Antara privilege purchase.
Banyak juga saya dan suami beli.
Harga pun berbaloi sangat.

Suami beli vitamin Omega Q10 dan MultiPlus Ginseng Softgel.

 Ada both for games.

 My uplines Abang Salleh yang mencuba nasib.

 Saya pula tekun nak tengok baby baru Tupperware.

 Apa lagi.
Rembat ler.
Tapi tak dapat beli masa tu.
Cuma dapat full explanation from their staffs.

 Booth untuk mekap sangat penuh.

 Sambil nak tunggu turn, pergi tengok water filter.

 Patah balik untuk mekap.
Waaa...sangat frustrated sebab full.

 Cik Abang pula cakap next time sebab dia dah lapar.
So, kitorang teruskan perjalanan.
Ada health counter.
Yang check our BMI, etc.

Next to the booth, ada pula booth product.

 Then, tengok pula history.

 Mr Suami pula berminat dengan manik-manik ini.
Ini adalah plastik Tupperware.

Habis sudah journey saya pada hari itu.
Sangat-sangat seronok sebab banyak juga yang dibeli.

Ada juga goodie bags percuma.

Akan datang,

Parti Tupperware terbesar di Malaysia
yang akan dicatatkan dalam 


25 Mac 2012
bertempat di JR SALES Wangsa Maju

Nak tahu dengan lebih lanjut lagi,
sila hubungi 0172066286

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