Tuesday, July 10, 2012

|Catalogue for July 2012|

Here is the new catalog for July 2012

Start on 2 July to 11 August 2012

And sorry to tell you the picture all tonggang terbalik sebab nak cepat post.
So, tak de lah rasa bersalah kat you all.


Sooooo busy lately sebab nak pindah tempat duduk kat office.

  Inspire Cookware Collection

FREE Kitchen Helpers Set worth RM236.40

 Blossom Microwareable Serveware - RM249.00

PWP Blossom Bowls & Plates Set RM57.40

Blossom Mugs and Seals - RM37.40

 Lemon Blackcurrant / Blackforest Cake Gift Set - RM53.30

PWP Jumbo Goody Box Large with Cariolier - RM39.00


 Steam It - RM49.70
Large Stor N Pour - RM65.10

 CrystalWave Soup Mug - RM42.60
CrystalWave Divided Dish - RM39.50
Reheatable Divided Lunch Box - RM39.90

Tall Canister - RM75.60
Buy 2 - RM118.00

Pink Ruby Counterpart - RM99.90

 Kurma Gift Set RM60.00

PWP Ezy Oval Keeper RM39.90


Water Dispenser (14.5L) - RM129.90
Outdoor Cooler (8.7L) - RM109.20

FreezerMate Essential Set - RM193.00
FreezerMate Starter Set - RM105.00
FreezerMate Medium II - RM54.80

Liquid Laundry Detergent - RM29.90
Laundry Compound Concentrate - RM23.90
All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate - RM20.90
Dish Wash Concentrate  - RM16.90
VegeSafe (2)- RM55.80

 NaturCare Lacto-Fiber (300gm)- RM129.00
Buy 2 FREE Modular Mates Mini Rectangular II
NaturCare Lacto-Fiber (12s) - RM59.00

 NaturCare Premium Green Tea - RM18.00

Buy 3 - RM48.60

 NaturCare BerryGen - RM219.00

 NaturCare Colostrum DHA Blister Pack (15s) - RM20.00
NaturCare Colostrum DHA Chews (120s) - RM139.00

 NaturCare Omega Q10 (60s) - RM149.00
NaturCare MultiPlus Ginseng (30s) - RM69.00

NC Foundation Supplement Set - RM196.00

 Nutri Makeup Palette Natural Glamour - RM120.00



 FREE Nutri Makeup Palette Natural Glamour for every purchase of Nutrimetics products worth RM450.00 an above.

Call 0172066286

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