Monday, November 29, 2010

::Tupperware and History::

In the 1940's a Chemical Engineer called Earl Tupper was working for DuPont.
As we know, DuPont is at the forefront of many innovative products and a holder of numerous household patents.
So, while working for DuPont, doing his various experiment using the byproducts of petroleum, Earl Tupper stumbled on the formula for making plastic products which were moldable and safe for use as food containers. He worked on many items including food storage and also for tea sets like jugs and mugs.
He also used his knowledge on design to come up with the round classic seals which were airtight and liquid tight.
He modeled this seal after the lid of paint can. If you ever see the lid of paint can and compare it with Tupperware classic seal, you will see what I mean. These plastic items were called Tupperware after his name.
Nevertheless, even though the products were great and good at keeping food from getting stale or liquid from spilling while traveling, they sat on the shelves of the supermarket gathering dust. No one knew about them or how to use them correctly.
Enter Brownie Wise, a marketing genius who was one of the first door-to-door sales persons back then in post-war America. Suddenly, Earl Tupper found that Ms. Wise was bringing in a lot of more sales than other salesmen in Tupperware Inc. So asking her secret, he found that she made successful sales through home parties.
The parties were fun, full of silly games, with demonstration on how to use the products correctly. As well as innovative ways to use the items. Why would you need a tiny container for? For your pills, jewelry or your brooches. Or, do you know that your camera films could be stored in our airtight containers so that they would not turn moldy easily?
Things like that.
The parties were a great socializing platform when Post-War America needed much entertainment by using as little money as possible.
As a result, Mr. Tupper pulled all the products off the stores' shelves and made Tupperware available solely through home parties. So, the rest they say is, ""History".
Tupperware Brands Inc. is based in Orlando, Florida. There used to be a Tupperware Museum there but it now closed to the public.

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